Digital innovations for the public health service

The Public Health Service (ÖGD) needs future-proof structures. In order to create lasting added value for the German healthcare system through digitalization, we are supporting the ÖGD on its way to becoming a digital health authority.

]init[ supports public health organizations with digitalization. Our activities are based on the "Digital Health Authority 2025" mission statement. In this way, we generate added value for the public health service in a structured and efficient manner.

Tim Kirlicks

Executive Director, ]init[

Digitalization needs know-how. With our experience from IT projects in the public sector and the healthcare industry, we actively support the implementation of the Pact for the Public Health Service (ÖGD). We assess the status quo of digital maturity, derive future digitalization measures, prioritize them and implement digitalization projects.

Our services

Our activities are bundled in a holistic approach and relate to the nine dimensions of the maturity model of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

  • Dimension 1 | Digitization strategy:
    Strategy consulting
  • Dimension 2 | Employees:
    Consulting Change Management
  • Dimension 3 | Process Digitization:
    Service Design according to BPMN
  • Dimension 4 | IT Deployment:
    Requirements management
  • Dimension 5 | IT service processes:
    ITIL consulting
  • Dimension 6 | IT security:
    BSI-compliant security consulting
  • Dimension 7 | Citizen:inside centering:
    UX design & design lab
  • Dimension 8 | Collaboration:
    Stakeholder management
  • Dimension 9 | Software, data and interoperability:
    XÖV-compliant consulting

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Kijany Velauthan

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