Ende-zu-Ende-Plattformen und OZG 2.0 Der Digitalisierungsbooster

]init[ AG makes its end-to-end expertise available for the digitization of administration within the framework of OZG 2.0. Because only with end-to-end digitalized processes and the right degree of automation will administrative services become easier for everyone.

What is end-to-end digitization?

End-to-end is no longer just an encryption method for digital communication. In the administrative context, it refers to end-to-end digitalized processes. In order for citizens to be able to make use of complex administrative services as easily as possible and without media disruptions, processes and technologies must be perfectly interlinked: from the provision of information, digital application forms and application processing in the backend to the creation of notifications or the payment of state benefits. Everything happens end-to-end - ideally on a powerful platform that integrates all the players involved.

We do not want to digitize outdated processes, but rather use the potential of digitization to create real innovation. Our solutions are powerful platform architectures that automate and accelerate process steps.

Julia Hilarius

Technology Staff Unit, ]init[

Thinking end-to-end together with OZG 2.0

The Online Access Act (OZG) has succeeded in making numerous administrative services available online. However, despite online access, many administrative services still fall short of expectations in terms of speed and distribution. In order to achieve a noticeable transformation, the respective administrative activities themselves must also be relieved through digitalization. To achieve this, processes must be automated, procedures accelerated and data sources linked.

The OZG follow-up law - OZG 2.0 - introduces the next stage of administrative digitization, including a digital end-to-end obligation for administrative services. To achieve this, modern technologies such as low-code and no-code platforms, AI models and cloud-based infrastructures must be combined with powerful basic components and integrated into existing procedural landscapes.

Only in this way can end-to-end platforms create real added value through the intelligent use of data and technologies, innovative service offerings and automated processes - not only for citizens, but also for the work of the administration itself.

End-to-end from a single source

init[ has been supporting the central topics that are crucial for the consistent implementation of OZG 2.0 for years: from the standardization of entire specialist areas to the modernization of registers, the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation and the development of basic components and platforms for the consistent application of the once-only principle. init[ helps shape the basic requirements for end-to-end digitization.

init[ works closely on these topics with customers at federal and state level, who appreciate the strong consulting expertise on the one hand and the implementation strength as an IT service provider on the other. As a result, approaches are developed during the consulting phase that are technically feasible and prove themselves in use.

This is what ]init[ brings to OZG projects


Implementation experience

]init[ digitizes comprehensive processes on modular end-to-end platforms within a short period of time with professional program management and experience in the implementation of EfA projects.


Independent and flexible

]init[ solves the specific requirements of a project with open-technology approaches, translates legal requirements into feasible technical concepts and finds the perfect balance between reliable planning and operational flexibility.


Administrative expertise

]init[ knows the complexity of administrative processes, understands interrelationships and finds sustainable solutions: for professional questions of register modernization and standardization through to technical challenges with once-only and the use of basic components.



Good data quality is the key to automation. init[ starts with the definition of clean data models and implements application platforms and specialist processes with a high degree of automation.

Whitepaper End-to-end platforms

In the white paper, you will learn why platform approaches can help to create end-to-end digitalized processes and leverage synergy effects for the stakeholders involved. It also describes different platform approaches and success factors for the implementation and operation of efficient platform infrastructures in the federal system.

Download the white paper

Cover of the whitepaper "End-to-end platforms for public administration".

Flexibility and speed of implementation

init[ uses innovative architectures, agile structures and interdisciplinary teams to implement end-to-end platforms in a short time. On the way to a comprehensible, easy-to-use digital solution, ]init[ covers a broad spectrum of technologies: from low-code and no-code platforms to standard administrative systems, innovative AI tools and open-source frameworks.

With projects such as the procedural platform for federal and state coronavirus economic aid or Einmalzahlung200.de, ]init[ has proven the feasibility of end-to-end platforms and OZG 2.0 programs and implemented end-to-end digitalized administrative processes with a high degree of automation.


  • Strategy development and coordination of large-scale digitization programmes at federal and state level
  • Architecture consulting for the implementation and connection of online services and platforms to basic components and registers
  • Planning, design and technical implementation of end-to-end platforms based on different technology stacks in the areas of CMS, FMS, no-code and low-code platforms, open source frameworks, interfaces and specialist processes
  • Automation in specialist procedures and implementation of rule-based test modules
  • Advice on and implementation of standards for data exchange between authorities
  • Development and operation of cloud-capable, scalable and secure infrastructures for online services and platforms in our own BSI-certified data center

Shape the digital society of tomorrow with us!

Kijany Velauthan, Ironforge Consulting AG

Kijany Velauthan

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