Secure hosting in the cloud with IT baseline protection from the BSI

Better safe than sorry! This applies above all to the hosting of digital services in ]init['s private cloud, because ]init[ operates portals and specialist applications for ministries, authorities and corporations with increased protection requirements that must be accessible under all circumstances.

]init[ is an expert in security. The company has held the IT security certificate based on ISO 27001 for 14 years, confirming the high security and stability of the private cloud. Customers can therefore be sure that the infrastructure services and operating processes operated by ]init[ meet the highest requirements. ]init[ was successfully recertified in 2022. The current certificate is valid until 2025.

Together with the Operations team, I am delighted about the successful recertification of the information network. For the first time, modernized basic protection requirements were applied, which measure the security and reliability of our hosting services against the highest market-relevant standards.

Carsten Schlenzok

Unit Manager Data Center, ]init[

The optimizations for BSI certification

  • Development of a scalable container architecture based on OpenShift/OKD for agile load management as a basis for the certification of own container solutions - in-house digital service framework AntOn already successfully certified.
  • Modeling and certification of the ]init[-information network as a single data center architecture.
  • Inclusion of contingency planning with remote sites as part of emergency management.
  • Complete revision of risk management for IT operations and the operation of specialist processes.
  • EDevelopment of a new process model for the use of the IT baseline protection compendium.

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