Project: Standardization ICT Canton of Zurich

We are migrating all secondary and vocational schools of the two pilot schools in the Canton of Zurich to standardized information and communication technology (ICT). 

What is it about?

The canton of Zurich is migrating all secondary and vocational schools to standardized information and communication technology (ICT). This includes hardware adaptations such as the introduction of a new network as well as changes in workplace and software administration, which will be taken over by central cantonal offices in future. In addition to administrative tasks, the procurement of new and more modern equipment will also be coordinated and ensured by central offices in future.

The customer benefit

This centralization of ICT in the educational environment reflects a major and important milestone in the digitalization of the Canton of Zurich. The individuality of the schools and their IT systems presents the Ironforge project managers with complex and exciting challenges, which we are only too happy to meet.

Ironforge Consulting AG has taken over the project management of the migration project of one of the two pilot schools. Operations commenced as planned in 2023. The next projects under Ironforge's project management are already underway.

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Sukeinthan Kandasamy, Ironforge Consulting AG

Sukeinthan Kandasamy


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