Project: Mobile Device Management MDM

Thanks to our support, Mobile Device Management (MDM) was introduced across the entire Federal Administration for the first time. The system enables secure use of business data and applications on mobile devices.

What is it about?

With the "Mobile Device Management (MDM)" program, the former Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) has introduced MDM throughout the Federal Administration for the first time. MDM enables the secure use of business data and applications on federal mobile devices. As part of the program, an inventory of the smart devices used in the Federal Administration was created and a secure environment (sandbox) for the federal data held on these devices was made available to all employees with a business need. More complex additional functionalities and access, such as to the intranet, were also provided. With the introduction of MDM, specifications and requirements from the federal ICT strategy 2012 - 2015, the sub-strategy for mobile working and the HR strategy were implemented.

Ironforge Consulting AG actively and efficiently supported us during the 'Mobile Device Management MDM' program by working in the PMO and in usability testing. We were always able to count on professional cooperation and, with their support, successfully completed our ICT program at the end of 2019.

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