Project: ePortal

We supported the GS-EFD in setting up the ePortal. This made it easier to contact and communicate with the administration.

What is it about?

The General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Finance (GS-FDF) has the task of managing the further development of the IT architecture of the administrative units within a uniform department-wide framework so that economically efficient management is also possible in the future. The FDF transaction portal is therefore a central component for the consistent digitalization of government services. It makes interaction with the administration simpler and more efficient.

Ironforge Consulting AG provided us with competent support during the development of our ePortal. The consultants from Ironforge managed the project in a target-oriented manner and also carried out the business analysis and the UX/UI design. The result is impressive! Ironforge was able to fill unexpected gaps in personnel and know-how in the project team without much lead time. The complex IT project was thus implemented efficiently and effectively. The financial, scheduling and content-related project goals were achieved to our complete satisfaction.

Client GS-EFD

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