Eagle's eye view of Germany's digitalization

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs (BMI) wants to make projects for the digitalization of public administration transparent. We help with a data-based tool that visualizes progress in a simple and helpful way.

Government and administrative action only becomes transparent if information and contexts are easily accessible to citizens and experts alike. We find: This works with clear web presence and modern visualization technology. One example of this is the Dashboard Digitale Verwaltung. With it, we have created a showcase project for the BMI that makes the continuous digitalization of administrative services, and thus also digital social progress in Germany, measurable - and tangible.

Screenshot of the Dashboard Digital Management portal homepage

Starting point online access law

Simple, digital and from anywhere - this is how citizens and companies should be able to handle their official matters in the future. Behind this vision is a gigantic modernization effort by the federal, state and local governments - the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG). As of July 2022 alone, 80 OZG services have come online, 203 projects are under implementation, and 71 projects are in the planning phase. Who keeps track of it all?

Already since autumn 2020, the OZG dashboard, as part of Onlinezugangsgesetz.de, gave a profound insight into the engine room of the OZG. The dashboard provided information on the progress of the individual programs. But the digital transformation of the administration extends far beyond the Online Access Act.

Holistic view

That's why we further developed the offering into a standalone platform - the Dashboard Digitale Verwaltung. It uses various indicators to document the overall status of administrative digitalization. For example, the dashboard shows which OZG services are already available online, how much funding the federal government has drawn down from the Corona stimulus package, or how many people have already made transactions using the electronic ID card.

Screenshot of the interactive Digital Management dashboard

Access for all

The new design and efficient technology opens up new perspectives and contexts for interested citizens and experts alike. They can rely on compact and interactive visualizations that make complex information intuitively accessible. And thanks to newly integrated indicators, the dashboard offers an even more precise eagle's eye view into the diverse topics of digitalization.

In this way, we position the BMI as a digital trendsetter that also sets inspiring standards for the information work of other authorities.

Shape the digital society of tomorrow with us!

Roberto Santovito, Ironforge Consulting AG

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