Project: APS Lifecycle SEM

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, we succeeded in replacing the State Secretariat's outdated technical infrastructure - 2,300 notebooks/desktops at 20 different locations - on time.

What is it about?

The existing technical infrastructure of the State Secretariat for Migration SEM had reached the end of its lifecycle. The approximately 2,300 notebooks and desktops at the SEM's 20 or so locations throughout Switzerland (including Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland) had to be replaced with a modern and up-to-date infrastructure. The decentralized distribution, the coordination with the service provider FOITT and the emerging Covid 19 pandemic during the project were important and challenging factors in the successfully implemented project.

Ironforge Consulting AG helped us to achieve our goal effectively and efficiently with the hardware lifecycle project through their diverse project support. We had to replace approx. 2,300 clients and monitors at over 20 of our locations throughout Switzerland, and this in times of Corona. The Ironforge employee acted as overall project coordinator, coordinating with the service provider BIT, the relocation company and all SEM stakeholders. We would like to thank Ironforge for the excellent cooperation.

Christian Rölli

Head of IT/Integration Manager

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